The 2015 Eltham Wine Show


Winemaking is continuing as an attractive and satisfying hobby.

Quality winemaking depends on care and attention to details.

This Show had the highest number of entries ever, but the class breakdown is more interesting.

The biggest classes were Previous Vintage Shiraz and Cabernets, but right up there with them was the Mead class.

There is always a dearth of previous vintage Whites. We make enough to drink for a year so that’s it! But the Rieslings and Semillons should be kept to develop.

The Show as a widening of experiences is adding further to the wonderful comments freely given by the judges, who all deserve high praise.

The 2015 Eltham Wine Show


Letter from an onlooker…..

The public tasting was a new experience. The layout made it easy to move around and instead of a frenzied push at the tables there was quiet purposefulness. I saw some innovative ways of tapping into the wines. Beside the Over Reaching Hand technique one man had a small son who could wriggle through the crowd better than he could. So he would give him a number, boy would slide away and come back with the required bottle. We are training another Artful Dodger!

In fact this was a fascinating show. I did a vox pop around the drinkers, concentrating on women drinkers this time and the point was made to me that they also wanted to know where the different wines were. One group came from Hamilton where they make their own table wines from local grapes, but they were interested to find out that there were country wines as well.

This was the general tone of comments.  They came in with one purpose but got more involved when other kinds of wines were introduced to them.


And thanks to the stewards and data operators,

so at the end, Danny and Kaz

deserve their quiet moment surrounded by the fine wines

we all enjoyed.



Graham Scott


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