Fruit Sources and EDWG Fruit Report

Every year between November and February many amateur winemakers are busy allocating and sourcing their fruit if not growing their own. This section provides information as available at this moment.

EDWG Fruit Report
Written by Grape Sourcing
Download the EDWG Fruit Report to 2019 now.

Grape suppliers who can offer different, valuable features to the current listing here may apply to...
For example, EDWG is interested in listing varieties not currently listed; grapes from regions not currently listed ;or grapes grown under special conditions (eg, organic or biodynamically grown fruit). Grape suppliers must be willing and able to supply small quantities (eg 500 kg or less) of high quality fruit meeting EDWG members’ requirements.

Grape buyers, please note carefully: In providing this list for the use by members and non-members alike, the EDWG accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy of the information below sourced from the listed grape suppliers, and cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for the suitability of the grapes in making wine, other beverage or other use. Like most transactions, grape buyers should beware of the many traps, especially those associated with buying perishable products. EDWG warns that laws must be obeyed – for example, grapes cannot be moved out of Phylloxera infested zones without a permit, and this includes part of the Yarra Valley and some other grape regions (refer to Department of Primary Industry web site or contact DPI for further information on this; tel 03 9210 9390).

Buyers are reminded that grape quality is a critical factor in both good winemaking and final wine quality, and the Guild suggests that intending buyers carefully review available information on fruit selection.

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