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Winemaking (2)

1... Jack Keller Winemaking
Jack from Texas - more information and recipes, particularly for country wines, than you can poke a stick at!
2... iWineMaker
A useful reference site, provides basic winemaking information as well as calculators that provide necessary additive measurements.
Winemakers Guilds (8)   ^

Wodonga Wine Guild
The Wodonga and District Fruit and Herb Winemakers Guild is a friendly group of winemakers committed to teaching the art of winemaking in a fun and social setting. They offer Winemaking classes and an annual wine show.

Frankston Amateur Winemakers Guild
Frankston Amateur Winemakers Guild Inc. (FAWG) is a not for profit group of like minded individuals, who produce home-made wines for their personal consumption and to share with their friends and family.

Link Amateur Winemakers & Brewers Club of Adelaide
The Amateur Winemakers & Brewers Club of Adelaide was established in 1972. Our members have a wealth of knowledge and home brewing experience.

Sydney Amateur Winemakers Club
Sydney Amateur Winemaker's Club is a club of wine lovers and home winemakers who strive to create wines they can be proud of.
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Alberta Amateur Winemakers
Good information on Wine styles

British Columbia Amateur Winemakers Association
Interesting site with very useful technical articles covering general winemaking and wine evaluation.

Amateur Winemakers of Ontario
Comprehensive list of winemaking articles covering many styles and techniques.

Wine Guild of Australia QLD
The Wine Guild is an independent, voluntary, non-profit Organisation and has been operating in Queensland since 1967. Its goal is to foster a greater knowledge and understanding of wine within the community and the hospitality industry. The Guild sets out to achieve this through educational activities and regular wine tasting events. Members and visiting Winemakers conduct these functions in a convivial atmosphere.
Magazines (1)     ^
WineMaker Magazine

This is the leading publication for the winemaking hobby reaching over 100,000 readers each issue. Launched in 1998, WineMaker covers the full gamut of the winemaking hobby, from beginners to experts, from wine kits to fresh grapes, and is published bi-monthly.

Calculators (3)
1.  Sulphite Calculator

Sulphite Calculator can assist the winemaker in calculating the correct amount of sulphite to add in order to achieve desired free SO2 levels in wine.

2 Sulphite Calculator (web based)
WineMaker Magazine SO2 calculator (web version).

3 Wine Calculator
WineCalc allows you to enter your grape juice details and see volume and alcoholic strength of the resulting wine. If a higher required alcoholic strength required, this can be achieved by adding sugar - chaptalisation. The required quantity of sugar and the revised wine volume is calculated.

Radio (2)   ^
1. How to plant a grapevine

Interview with Peter Brehm, winemaker and vineyard owner. How to plant a grapevine. News of interest to winemakers or people who love wine - or both.

2. Starting and owning a wine supply store
Interview with Jon Mendrick of Mountain Homebrew and Wine Supply Store about starting and owning a wine supply store. We highlight the Turbo Scrubber product and begin our series on "Introduction to Wine Making" part one.

Commercial (3)   ^

1. Wine Diva
Internet directory of many things related to the wine industry.

2 Wine Robot
Search for the price/availability of a wine across a range of wine e-tailers.

3 Wine Titles
Multi media publishers to the wine industry including journals and books.

Health, Safety, Responsible Drinking (2)   ^

1. 0.05 I nearly got busted
A salient story from one of our members recounting how easy it is to unwittingly be over 0.05.

2 Responsible drinking habits
Practical advice for responsible drinking habits from the Alcohol Education & Rehabilitation Foundation (AER) ^


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