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The Eltham and District Wine Guild prides itself on making available, high quality feedback from expert judges in a bound, printed results book that is available to all entrants on the public show day of the Eltham Wine Show.

To our knowledge the Eltham Wine Show is the only Amateur wine show in Australia that provides this level of detailed results for all wines judged, in a single high quality booklet so soon after judging.

Reading the results books is an education in itself. Take the opportunity to review what makes a wine earn a Gold medal! Look for common faults and avoid them, notice what the judges look for in the next wine you're going to enter.

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1...2011 Eltham Wine Show...Greg Martin

2 ..EDWG Annual Wine Show 2010...John and Roma O'Callaghan

3...EDWG Annual Wineshow 2009...John O'Callaghan

2011 Eltham Wine Show
Written by Greg Martin
Saturday, 03 December 2011 12:18

Wine Show Directors Comments
The community spirit of the Eltham Wine Guild is alive and well. It started on Friday evening with members travelling from all over Melbourne and beyond assembling, with no fuss, to haul wine cartons and setup tables and glasses; some members have been doing this for over 20 years. On Saturday, the judging day, we had over forty member helpers, associate judges and stewards helping with good cheer. What was remarkable was the positive sense of fellowship which to me was the most pleasing result of the show. Our judges were very thorough and I was pleased to see member associate judges really enjoying the day and learning from our patient senior judges.

This is the second year that we have conducted the Hybrid Class which is a wine which is a combination of grape and country (or fruit) ingredients. The benefit of this wine class is that you can, quite cheaply, elevate the fruit flavour levels of a lesser grape wine. Some outstanding examples this year include Purple Basil & Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Sauvignon & Redcurrant and Orange & Riesling.
Another innovation this year was the formation of the Pro Class which is aimed at members of the Guild and their families that have graduated from amateur status and are in fact starting to sell their wine in the marketplace. We don't want to lose their fellowship and we also wish to celebrate and support their success.
The current vintage reds have taken a battering these last two years with smoke taint from the 2009s and Downy Mildew from the 2010s, the good news from the judges is that for those that were patient the 2008s are looking very good right now.

It is with great pleasure that I announce that the Jo Illian Award for 2012 will be awarded to the best current vintage (2012) Shiraz!!
It's dangerous to single out individuals but I would like to give a special mention to some members that have gone above and beyond and beyond some more this year, namely Gary and the IT team, Chris Kearney with Logistics and Mario with the catering.
So Happy Winemaking, and thank you for all the support for this year.

Down load the full results book here. Wine Show Results 2011
Greg Martin
Eltham Wine Show Director 2011.

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EDWG Annual Wine Show 2010
Written by John and Roma O'Callaghan
Saturday, 27 November 2010 13:29

Director’s Comments
What an exciting show! With a transition to new committee members and fresh ideas, we’ve included classes such as Less Common Grape Varieties, Novelty and (believed to be the first in the world) a Hybrid Class! Beetroot figured strongly as a good blender with red grapes and some of the wines were excellent – try them! Perhaps some of the combinations have not yet blended as well as they will in time for next year. And in 2011 Hybrid will be our Jo Ilian Award to encourage home winemakers to consider this innovative approach.
On top of that, we’ve had young judges join our ranks bringing considerable experience and enthusiasm. We all appreciate the passion and talent they brought, some from 3 hours drive away.
Entry numbers were a little down on last year, and our support for women winemakers hasn’t this year resulted in more – so come on gals!
Herb, Grain, Flower or Vegetable wine was our coveted Jo Ilian prize for the year, and this increased the entries. The winner, a Ginger wine, reached Gold standard and is a rich flavoursome and well balanced wine.
It’s pleasing to see an increase in country wines as we feel like one of few custodians for this traditional and endangered craft. Below is a breakdown of entry types and total awards:

Breakdown of entries

Red grape wines 324
White grape wines 61
Country wines 127
Sparkling/Fortified 8
Hybrid/Liqueur and Novelty 50

Breakdown of awards....Bronze 148...Silver 66...Gold 18

Our sponsors continue to provide fantastic support and without whom we could not afford to conduct the show. We especially thank Vinvicta and Winequip who have generously donated valuable equipment which is to be auctioned. Liquid Assets and Australian Winemakers are welcomed as new to our sponsors list. Please avail yourself of all our sponsors services and advice.
This is my last of 15 years of directing the show. I am particularly indebted to my supportive partner Roma, and of course, to all Guild members who contribute in a variety of ways to make the show happen – from planning a year ago, to moving furniture and stewarding on the day.
The complete results can be downloaded icon Wine Show Results 2010 (1.6 MB).

John C O’Callaghan
Wine Show Director

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EDWG Annual Wineshow 2009
Written by John O'Callaghan
Saturday, 21 November 2009 13:00
Another great show! Despite the continued drought and bushfires, this year we had a 14% increase in entries to 614.

I was pleased to see this included a 40% increase in country entries which have been declining in recent years. Our Guild is enthusiastic about its role of promoting this craft, together with our compatriots at the Frankston Wine Guild.

The numbers were as follows:
• 105 Country wines
• 23 General (sparklings and fortifieds)
• 415 Red grape wines
• 71 White grape wines

In total there have been 219 medals awarded comprising:
• 7 Gold
• 56 Silver, and
• 156 Bronze

Each year we welcome new entrants. From this year’s 106 winemakers we again have interstaters and we hope to enjoy their presence on Sunday. We also welcomed more winemakers with European background through promotion at our local Slovenian and Italian Clubs.

And a special welcome to women winemakers whom we are encouraging by introducing the Woman Winemaker Award. Nine winemakers entered 31 entries, and the winner (co-incidentally a Life Member of the Guild and show volunteer) certainly deserved the award which was Gold medal standard.

Once again I am indebted to the long suffering Wine Show Committee and Database Crew without whom none of the show could occur so efficiently and successfully. The challenge of 8 of our regular judges unavailable for various reasons, was ably met by judge flexibility and goodwill.

Having Rosé as the Jo Ilian Award wine certainly increased the numbers in that class and intrigued many members who made Sangiovese for the first time in 2009. We have begun “Lesser Known Varieties” classes to cater for growing interest in Mediterranean and other varieties. And our innovative Guild members are seeking consideration of country/grape blends, so watch out for 2010. The Jo Ilian for 2010 is one to encourage country winemaking – we are seeking the Best Country Herb, Grain Flower or Vegetable. We’ll be talking about these at our Guild meetings, so come and join us!

The complete judging results of the EDWG Annual Wineshow 2009 can be downloaded here (1.17Mb).

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