Welcome to the EDWG Winemaking page!

The EDWG Home Winemaking page is a collection of articles written mostly by Guild members. Some of the material was written with a view to sharing information of basic and learnt winemaking knowledge with Guild members and home winemakers generally.

You will notice differing writing styles and approaches as you read the articles. Some of our members have a flair for writing fun pieces, some write solid technical articles, some manage to combine the two!

Sharing a passion

What all of the authors have in common is a passion for making wine from the best possible ingredients they can grow or source. Equally, they have been sufficiently motivated by their interest and passion to share their learning’s with other home winemakers.

Whether you make white, red, sparkling or fortified wines from grapes, fruit, grains, flowers, grass, old boots or puddings you’ve found at the back of your fridge1 the success of your wine will be the result of the quality of your original ingredients and the decisions you bring to every step of the winemaking process. As home winemakers we aspire to becoming skilled in making “good calls” at every step the process; from grape to bottle.

Have a great journey

No matter where you are at with your own winemaking journey, we sincerely hope you find the articles useful, a good read, and some help in the “calls” you need to make in the course of your own winemaking.

1 Yes, notable members of the EDWG have made “pudding wine” and "leather belt" wine! A member of the FAWG has owned up to making "boot wine"!

The articles have been divided into the following sections:

Tips & Tricks ( 9 Articles )
This section describes equipment and techniques that members have found useful in either making their winemaking life easier and the wine better with some really clever techniques……. without spending a whole lot of money! What struck me as I was reading many of the tips and tricks articles is that maybe I was spared several years of making “vin very ordinaire” because it might have taken me that long to discover them for myself!

Recipes (Country Wines) ( 11 Articles )
There are hundreds... no thousands, maybe even tens of thousands of winemaking recipes around. Some of them are very technical, others are easy to read and occasionally you'll come across a real gem. It is this last category we're really interested in. If you know of a very special one and you want to share it (we're all home/amateur winemakers) please contact us.

Technical Articles ( 20 Articles )
This section includes separate Winemaking guides for Grape wines and Country wines, especially written with the beginner in mind. There are a wide variety of articles covering relatively more advanced techniques such as making sparkling wines, measuring the Free SO2 content of your wine, the finer points of making white wines (pros and cons, oxidation).
The “Summary” series of articles are linked to the EDWG Home Winemaking Guide, but are also stand-alone articles covering key parts of the winemaking process such as SO2, yeast fermentation, Malolactic fermentation, Acidity and pH, Cleaning and Sanitation, Fining and Stabilisation, racking, oak and other fundamental topics. These are the basics of winemaking technique in which every winemaker, amateur or professional, must become “unconsciously” skilled.

Guides ( 2 Articles )
This section contains the currently available EDWG Winemaking Guides.

Assistance ( 1 Article )

Not every home/amateur winemaker has the possibilities to handle everything that is involved in making his or her favorite grape or country wine. The EDWG is therefore constantly keeping an eye on those who can provide assistance. If you can believe you can be of any help for our guild members please contact us.

Fruit Sources ( 1 Article )
Every year between November and February many amateur winemakers are busy allocating and sourcing their fruit if not growing their own. This section provides information as available at this moment.

General ( 3 Articles )
Generally interesting and funny experiences of members in making wine.

Country Wines ( 4 Articles )
The Eltham and District Wine Guild is passionate about promoting the art of Country Wine Making and its appreciation.

Check out our easy to read and practical Country Wine Making guide.

Our monthly meetings include a Country wine segment where we focus on its making and appreciation using the unique Eltham method of evaluation and judging.

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